From the collection of: Chris Topping


First quarter of 20th century - Manding.


Unusual piece with several significant features which differ from more typically seen Tuareg examples. Rounded pommel is of iron, well made and balanced. Tang protrudes and is folded over. Grip is leather bound with leather cord. Swelled grip indicates wood core rather than metal. Guard is small and light.

Blade is thick, stiff with a little spring. Crudely placed fullers are ground. Profile is unusual with stabbing capable tip and broader than usual blade with little taper. Crack in the blade present in last fifth of the blade, appears to be from edge on edge contact. However sword in stable, structurally sound condition.


Overall: 88cm (34.6in.)

Blade: 74.5cm (29.3in.)

Blade width: 4cm (1.6in.)

Hilt: 8cm (3.1in.)

Guard: 9cm (3.5in.)