From the collection of: Yuriy Zaytsey


Blade at least 19th century, likely much older mounts 20th century, Tuareg


Another good quality single fuller takouba blade with native engraving. As with #98 a variety of astral symbols are present along with the snake and lion, cross and orb. However this blade features a shorter fuller, similar to #82. The blade is European and almost certainly a Solingen product. The tip has the 'carp's tongue' shape often seen on old, well used blades. It is quite possible it dates from the 17th or 18th century.

The hilt is typical Tuareg work and far newer than the blade. The stack pommel is of the typical style and the blade was likely mounted in the last 30-40 years at most.


Overall - 100 cm
Blade - 84 cm
Blade width - 4.5 cm
Guard width - 12 cm