From the collection of: Iain Norman


Likely 19th century - group unknown but leather work may indicate Cameroon border regions.


A nice, solid fighting takouba. The blade is of the typical triple fuller variety, but has some interesting characteristics. A forging flaw is clearly visible near the base and the fullers extend much further than most examples. It seems likely to be a native product, but has excellent flex. The half moon marks are well stamped and one exhibits unusual ridging on the back side of the moon.

The pommel is iron, relatively well balanced for the sword and without ornamentation. The construction is typical. The grip is interwoven leather and the guard also leather covered. The guard features a raised, decorated leather panel.

The scabbard echoes the guard leather work with raised elements.

This is a solid old fighting sword, sturdy and capable. A good example of a warrior's weapon.


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