From the collection of: Chris Topping


Last quarter of the 19th century. Possibly Mossi.


Piece originates from Burkina Faso, exact tribal attribution unknown but Mossi is strong possibility.

Piece is characterized by an unusual pommel spike. The pommel itself is of a form consistent with older pieces, nicely engraved brass top piece with bronze spike extending up to the tang. Blade is of reasonable quality, quite flat in profile with crude half moons. Fullers are well executed. Guard is unusual in construction with large button like rivets. It is possible the guard was designed to be left bare. The current leather is obviously fitted only for the grip, it does not appear to be a remnant of a larger covering. The buttons may possibly mimic similar elements found on brass plated takouba hilts. They do not appear to be structurally necessary and are not found on other takouba I have had the opportunity to examine that are missing their leather guard coverings. Overall an interesting variant of the form.


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