From the collection of: Mauro Coltorti


19th century - blade perhaps 17th but more likely18th century


This is a beautiful takouba exhibiting an unusual and rare back sword blade. The hilt is of the domed pommel type. The pommel is large and made of iron or steel. The grip was leather covered originally although that has now eroded. The guard is the most unusual aspect of the hilt, it is decorated with typical geometric symbols but has odd, rain guard like, extensions projecting out over the blade. This is a highly unusual addition to the sword.

The blade was originally European and single edged. Similar to catalog #85 this blade was converted within the Sahel to be double edged. The spine of the blade being ground into a secondary edge.

The blade is marked with what could be a 'tree of life' motif and cryptic lettering. Both unusual for blades found in takouba.

This is a very fine sword with a wonderful antique blade. The hilt is rather unique and overall this is a sword reflecting great attention to the mounting and appreciation for the quality of the European blade.


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