From the collection of: Iain Norman


Early 19th century or possible 18th century. Unknown ethnic group.


This a very old takouba with a European blade, decorated with astral motifs. These engravings do not lead to a precise dating as they were popular over a long period of time and are found on many styles of blades produced in Europe in the 17th and 18th centuries. What can be said is that the blade pre-dates the 19th century and is therefore in the minority of blades found in takouba. It is also quite narrow and petite compared to the majority of blades found in takouba.

The hilt is of the older style with a domed pommel, a multi faceted grip and a box shaped guard. The guard is missing the decorative brass plates that would have originally been secured through the holes by rivets. The pommel edges are somewhat collapsed leading to a concave underside to the pommel. The grip is brazed together with both brass and copper solder. 

This sword came to me in quite poor condition but thankfully it was possible to limit the corrosion and reveal the blade markings. This is not a large sword, but it is an old one, a comparison image to a few other older takouba is included in the gallery.


Total Length: 86.5 cm