From the collection of: Iain Norman


19th century possible, perhaps early 20th. Ethnic group unknown.


This is a very basic and small takouba, which may be from the Cameroon/Nigeria border regions. The blade is of poor quality and on the softer side. There is no clear attempt at fullering.

The guard is of the typical construction using two iron pieces. Probably this was leather covered originally. The grip has long since disintegrated revealing the tang which is relatively substantial.

The pommel seems to be a mix of metals, it exhibited rust, however it definitely has a high brass content. It is not particularly domed, but neither is it stacked. It is of two piece construction and hollow.

Overall, this is a simple and very small takouba, certainly it seems this is more of a 'village' piece and probably produced by a smith who was as comfortable producing a hoe and other farming implements as this sword.


Total Length: 78 cm