From the collection of: Jean-Paul Cazes


Likely early 20th century - possibly Hausa/Fulani


This is a pretty sword with a nice brass hilt. The pommel is of the stacked variety but shows much more age than most examples. The hilt is soldered together as is typical. In this case it is using the lead or tin based solder that seems to be seen on later swords, while copper/brass was used in earlier periods.

The blade seems to be of native manufacture and shows extreme signs of taper due to extensive sharpening. Marked with the typical half moons but stamped somewhat imprecisely.

This is quite probably a case of an older blade being given a new hilt. 


Total length : 90,7 cm

Blade : 78,4 cm x max. 3,35 cm x 0,38 cm

Weight : 580 g.