From the collection of: Craig Peebles


Mounts likely 1st quarter to the 2nd quarter of the 20th century. The blade considerably older, likely German and 17th century. Likely Tuareg in the current mounts.


This takouba is a wonderful example of a blade of great age, remounted many times during its life. The current mounts are classic 20th century mounts which seem to show characteristics predating the 1930s. Particularly the fine engraving on the pommel elements. While the mounts are classic stacked pommel and leather, the blade is the standout feature of the piece.

It features a cross and orb with running wolf in a single fuller configuration and a fly like mark stamped into the blade. The curator has seen several blades of this exact configuration in takouba which seems to point to a particular pattern likely manufactured to suit the demand for both export markets and munitions grade swords in the 1600s. 

The blade shows extensive sharpening, consistent with the great age of this particular sword. Overall a fine example of what can be termed a classic takouba, a well aged blade kept over a long period and treated with respect by remounting into the 20th century.