From the collection of: Yuriy Zaytsev


Likely early to mid 19th century blade earlier, likely 17th century. Tuareg.


This is an exceptional takouba showing a rare European blade with script as well as a running wolf mark. The hilt is of the older domed pommel variety and exhibits the "wing" style guard rather than the oldest block style. However this is still a sword of impressive age. The usual brass decoration adorns the hilt.

The blade is the standout feature, although it has been heavily and likely chemically cleaned during its life. It is marked with a running wolf and the style and profile of the blade is very similar to Sword 78 in the collections. More unusual in the inscription "SOLINGEN ME FECIT". This is a standard phrase found across a wide range of time and Solingen made blades. However it is usually phrased "ME FECIT SOLINGEN". The running wolf has analogs in swords held in Coburg (see Geschichte der Solinger Klingenindustrie).

This is a wonderful example of Solingen trade blade within African mounts. The style of the fittings an scabbard point towards a Tuareg attribution, although the mounts themselves may well have been manufactured in a Hausa city state.


Overall: 97cm
Blade: 83cm