Likely early to mid 19th century blade earlier, 18th century. Tuareg.


A very interesting piece which exhibits a rarely seen Spanish blade in a sandwich mount and older hilt. The hilt features a domed pommel showing good age, with a typical small medial ridge and brass plates on the guard.

The blade has been attached using the 'sandwich' method of a new forte. The blade is relatively short and likely was damaged at some point necessitating the new mount. The blade is marked with a serious of characters. The owner attributed them as follows and I see no reason to disagree.

C.s IV" stands for Charles (Carlos) IV of Spain (1748-1819)
"T°" stands for Toledo
"1793" is likely the production date of the blade

All in all a rare and curious takouba showing the less often seen influx of blades from Spain.


Overall: 92cm
Blade: 78cm