From the collection of: Ethan Rider


Likely late 19th century or early 20th century - perhaps Mandara regions


An interesting example of a cut down takouba exhibiting a well made and large pommel with a distinctive spike for the tang. This sub feature can be observed on a subset of takouba that may show Mandingo influence. 

The blade of this example is interesting in that it does not exhibit the almost ubiquitious half moon marks. The fullers are well formed and this could be a trade blade from Europe. It shows heavy signs of use and resharpening. Interestingly it is also sharpened for most of its length. Not typical for most takouba.

Overall this is an intriguing example of a sword obviously kept in long use even with a shortened blade, the made to size scabbard reflects this. It is possible this was used by a child, but more likely was simply kept as a side arm.


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