Formerly from the collection of: Iain Norman


19th century mounts with a likely 15th or 16th century European blade


This sword is noteworthy for two aspects. Firstly a beautifully engraved brass hilt of likely Hausa or Nupe origin is paired with equally ornated scabbard fittings. The hilt and leather are in excellent condition and the style is consistent with older pieces. 

However, the real 'star' here is the blade, which is a single fuller design of European provenance marked on both sides with a double encircled cross. This mark appears on European blades of 14th-15th centuries. The mark is consistent with engraving styles of the time and seems to be genuine. This is an extremely rare mark and pattern of blade to encounter in a takouba and is only the second cross mark of this type the author has seen in a takouba. 


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