From the collection of: Arnaud De Jaureguiberry


19th century or earlier - likely Hausa or Nupe


An exceptional and unusual wide bladed takouba. This is the only wide blade the author is aware of with a blade exhibiting stamps or maker's marks. Unfortunately no positive ID of these marks has been made at this time but research is ongoing. The blade is engraved with geometric symbols in addition to the stamps. The blade has a subtle ridge or swelling in near the base, another unusual feature in these wide blades. The blade is banded with brass decorated with circular motifs also seen on other wide swords on this website. 

The blade while wide, is not as extreme as some examples and could have been used practically. The hilt is high quality brass work of the type commonly seen on Hausa and Nupe swords. 

This is an exceptional sword that requires further research.