From the collection of: Arnaud De Jaureguiberry


Blade likely 17th/18th century - Tuareg mounts


A very high quality European blade with 5 fullers, these blades were highly valued in the Sahel. This type of blade was commonly found on schiavona or other European side swords. This example has a substantial ricasso, crisp fullering and a very good steel. The engravings are locally applied and a mixture of astral elements and a magic square or koranic board. The moon stamps are worn and most likely cold stamped after the blade was made. This seems to be common with blades found in takouba as such pairings are not common (and perhaps not know at all in European context, examples which occasionally do crop up for sale may well be composites made with takouba or kaskara blades). 

The mounts are late 20th or even early 21st century and very high quality by the standards of later Tuareg work. This is a valued heirloom blade and well preserved.