From the collection of: Jean-Luc Cerjak


19th century or older hilting with a late 16th or early 17th century blade - Hausa likely


A beautiful example of a solid cast takouba hilt mounted to a European blade of likely 16th or 17th century manufacture. The blade has a visible running wolf mark and a faded cross and orb marking on the reverse side. This is a common pairing which can be observed on many European blades show in the collections. The blade is unusual in that it preserves the original geometry and has not been over sharpened with a rounded tip like so many takouba. 

Solid cast takouba hilts are unusual but know, such as Takouba 38 shown on this website, these swords often have great balance as the hilts are somewhat heavier than the hilts with multipart construction. It seems to be a tradition and method with some age as swords that are clearly extremely old such as Takouba 66 and 67 on this site show the same methods.