From the collection of: Jean-Paul Cazes


Ensemble late 19th to early 20th century, blade is earlier - Tuareg, Mali.


A very interesting sword coming from a French collection. Collected in Mali in the early 20th century along with other Tuareg artifacts it is a very high quality piece.

The hilt and leather work are certainly the newest aspects of the sword but are of good solid quality. Construction is typical although it appears very small forte plates have been added with the hilt was built.

The blade is the most fascinating aspect of this particular sword. It features the usual striations from the aggressive type of sharpening stone favored by the Tuareg. Very high quality and almost certainly European this blade does not fit the profile of most 19th century export patterns and is therefore probably earlier - perhaps even as early as 17th century. It is mark with a running wolf, however the mark is placed off center on the fuller and somewhat crudely executed, this may indicate a local copy, but the chiseled application equally suggests it may well be original.

Near the guard another mark, stamped, can be seen which is likely European (Italian, common on both saber and straight blades including schiavona) and original to the blade. Obscured by the forte plates, more will be added to this listing after the owner of the sword and the website team have had a chance to conduct more research.

It is very rare to find blades of this quality, this is an important and early blade in good quality early 20th century mounts. A fine example of the respect which Tuareg had for old blades, constantly remounting them.


Total length in scabbard : 95,7 cm
Sword : 95,5 cm
Blade : 83,3 cm x max. 4,3 cm x 0,45 cm
Weight (sword only) : 846 g.