From the collection of: Charles S


19th century - Hausa.


A very nice takouba, likely Hausa as many of these brass takouba seem to be. The engraved patterns are typical of other Hausa pieces and the quality of the workmanship and overall appearance are consistent with older work.

The blade is of the typical triple fuller configuration but lacks the dukari half moon marks often encountered in a pair on each side of the blade. The blade may be European.

The hilt has a typical two piece oval pommel of brass, the grip a heavily engraved cylinder and the guard two pieces of brass likely wrapped around an internal frame of steel. The scabbard features a long throat and chap also heavily decorated.

This is as classic brass hilted takouba and a very attractive piece. The level of detail found in the engravings is not often encountered and shows the monetary outlay such a piece would require and the stature of the person who would be able to commission or purchase it.


37.5in. overall
31.5in. blade
Blade is 2in. wide at it widest point.