From the collection of: Wolf-Dieter Miersch


19th century -likely Hausa or Nupe


A rare combination of a kaskara style blade with pointed tip, thuluth script and a European blade matched to a brass takouba hilt.

The blade is triple fullered and from Clauberg, a German maker that exported many blades, both triple fullered and single fullered for kaskara and takouba. The heavy thuluth script etched on the blade is more commonly seen in kaskara - although the regalia sword from the Hausa emirate of Daura also exhibits similar etched script. An image of that sword is included in the gallery.

The hilt is a well executed brass hilt typical of Hausa and Nupe work with a strip of copper on the pommel.

This is a very unusual sword for two reasons - firstly the thuluth script on the blade is very atypical of takouba and secondly, while the same European blade patterns are found in both takouba and kaskara, takouba are usually profiled with rounded tips.


Overall: 111cm