From the collection of: Jean-Paul Cazes


Tuareg - likely 19th century or early 20th century, the blade older probably much older.


A Tuareg takouba with a high quality blade in a “sandwich” mount. This is probably an early trade blade, mounted between steel forte plates for re-enforcement. This is not unusual with takouba and can be observed on several other swords on this site, notably Takouba 33.

The blade on this sword shares similarities with Takouba 05. It is difficult to date these blades in the condition and mounts they have reached by the 19th or 20th century. But this one looks to be very high quality and potentially quite old. 18th and even 17th century blades were in wide spread circulation in takouba. This could well have that much age.

The hilt is typical and would date later, likely late 19th. It is still uncertain when and how the transition from oval pommels to flat disc pommels occurred.


Total length in scabbard : 96,5 cm
Sword : 92,5 cm
Blade : 79 cm x max. 4,4 cm x 0,38 cm
Weight (sword only) : 812 g.