From the collection of: Iain Norman (ex. Miersch collection, ex. Zirngibl collection)


Late 19th century or early 20th century seems likely, perhaps the latter more so - Hausa or Mandara regions.


A very wide takouba with a stacked pommel hilt. This sword shows a side to wide blades less commonly seen - lacking fancy brass work it is a simple design with an exposed iron guard. 

The blade is very wide, very flat and extremely flexible - almost to a fault being in fact quite whippy. The tip features a hole which would have likely held a copper or brass slug at one point in time (see Takouba 58). The blade features heavy marking from hand tools across the surface and the edge shows clear signs of having been hammered out.

The pommel is a heavy brass construction and balances the blade well. The grip is leather wrapped and simple. The scabbard continues that theme lacking any brass decoration.

This would appear to be a somewhat later sword judging by the pommel stacks, it is curious that the blade is so flexible and that it lacks the status attributes of most wide blades. An intriguing sword.


Overall length: 79cm
Blade length: 62.5cm
Blade width at base: 8.25cm