From the collection of: Iain Norman


19th century, blade perhaps older - Likely Tuareg, Hausa possible.


A solid old fighting sword in good shape. The blade is a single fuller design with no marks visible, undoubtedly of European origin. Sharp and exhibiting the typical tip form derived from heavy use. Corrosion and pitting is present but overall the blade is in good shape. The shape and form are dissimilar to some of the later 19th century Solingen products seen on takouba and kasakra. This piece lacks the chunky, flat form of these later items.

The hilt is very well worked brass, with the usual floral motif on the guard, the reverse is a plain steel plate. The construction is the usual base of metal plate, leather then the brass face plate on top. The grip is a tube of brass, multifaceted and engraved, the pommel of the domed form but transitional in that a heavy 'stack' is added to the top, beautifully chiseled with geometric designs.

While no single feature of this sword stands out the combination of blade and hilt is one of the most pleasing in the hand and to the eye I have had the pleasure to handle.


Overall: 98.5cm
Blade: 82.5cm
Blade width: 5cm