From the collection of: Iain Norman


Likely 19th century - perhaps Hausa.


This is a nice older takouba showing good age patina. The brass hilt has some damage and loose elements, however it is still sound and a good example of the form with typical decorative elements. The brass plates on the pommel are not overly thick. This is potentially not the first hilt mounted on this blade.

The blade is an unusual five fuller pattern. The fullers are well defined and the blade thick and strong. The tip is of the unusual style sometimes seen on these swords that appears to be a deliberate modification of the blade rather than being the result of prolonged sharpening. This blade has great flex and is unmarked.

This is a pretty sword with some unusual features and great signs of age. A welcome addition to the website and collection.


Overall: 97cm
Blade length: 82.5cm
Blade width at base: 5cm