From the collection of: Iain Norman


Blade at least 19th century, perhaps European - mounts 20th century, ethnic group unknown


This is an odd takouba, differing particularly in the leather work from most seen. The blade is very well marked and shows signs of extensive use. But the dimensions and heft do not correspond well with European manufacture. The marks are possibly native made in this case. But are very well executed. The mounts are more recent and of the basic stacked pommel type well established in the 20th century. Sadly the tip is broken and remains lodged in the end of the scabbard, it would be a few cm longer originally.

The scabbard is of an unusual shape, pointed at the tip with a very European style belt arrangement. The motifs on the leather and the tooled brass belt clip are unusual and not of the type usually seen on Hausa or Tuareg swords.


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