From the collection of: Yuriy Zaytsey


Blade at least 19th century, likely older, mounts 20th century, Tuareg.


A very good takouba showing an old blade, remounted in more recent times. The blade is a single fuller pattern with extensive, native applied engraving. The marks are motifs often seen, the snake, the sun, moon and lion. At the base of the blade is an interesting grid of symbols. The exact meaning behind them is unclear. The blade is certainly very old and definitely European, possibly earlier than the 18th century.

The hilt is of the typical modern stacked pommel type while the leather of the scabbard shows good age and is likely a bit older. The quality of the hilt is extremely good and far above the "tourist grade" takouba that are more typically seen from the 20th century.

This is a very good example of a working, fighting blade remounted as an heirloom into modern times.


Overall - 97 cm
Blade - 80 cm
Blade width - 4.5 cm
Guard width - 12 cm