This is the catalog of the Takouba Research Society ( It is designed to replace what used to be the collections pages on the main website. The previous format was simply a chronological listing of the swords in the order they were added to the website. However users could not search or filter them by any parameters making it far from ideal as a source for research and study.

The catalog is a separate system from the rest of the website, utilizing database technology and is actually based off a shopping cart system!

The main feature is that swords are organized by categories. A sword may below to more than one category.

Three top level categories have been established:

Each top level category displays all the swords in the collections. Sub categories are listed to refine the swords displayed by different criteria. The sub categories take into account the most common features of takouba for the purposes of identification and dating.

This system is a work in progress and feedback is appreciated. This effort would not exist if it wasn't for the members of the Society (contributors) who graciously agreed to have their swords displayed and documented here.