From the collection of: Yuriy Zaytsey 


Perhaps late 19th century or early 20th century - ethnic attribution unknown


An interesting sword that has sadly seen some abuse. The blade exhibits a wide central fuller and two narrow flanking fullers. This is an unusual configuration and not typical, the blade seems native made and crude half moon marks are present. Unfortunately it appears at a later date someone attempted to clean corrosion from the blade with an angle grinder and these marks are rather obvious on the length of the blade including some material loss.

The hilt has a somewhat domed pommel and a small locking 'nut' wrapped around the end of the tang. The grip is tubular and the cross guard formed in the usual fashion from two pieces of iron.

It is well proportioned and balanced sword, not of remarkable quality but interesting due to the fullers. A hole has been drilled through the center of the guard and this perhaps indicates this was displayed at some point on a wall.


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