From the collection of: Klaus Hülser


Early to mid 20th century, Hausa/Fulani


A typical takouba of 20th century manufacture from Nigeria. It is a piece likely used mainly for parades and other social functions.

The blade is likely made from reclaimed steel, triple fullered and marked with relatively crude imitations of half moon stamps.

The hilt is a simple combination of a wide leather covered guard and a flat, iron pommel. The leather shows good age and is stitched, while newer mounts tend to have leather glued in place.

The scabbard is entirely intact and retains it's colourful baldric. These baldrics are distinctive of Hausa and Fulani takouba and fit into the generally bright nature of clothing and costume found even among the military in these societies.


Overall: 105cm

Blade length:

Blade width at base: