From the collection of: Arnaud De Jaureguiberry


19th century mounts blade likely German/Styrian or Italian - Tuareg


A well preserved takouba with many interesting features, this sword has a rarely seen "rain guard" like feature. Interestingly, many of the swords with this feature seem to utilize European backsword blades. This example is likely 17th or 18th century and displays commonly seem 'sickle' marks. These marks were widely copied but the quality of this blade seems consistent with European manufacture. 

The hilt is beautifully engraved and even the leather of the grip is embossed. The scabbard is complete and features engraving with "biss' m allah' (in the name of god) on the throat. 

The sword is likely Tuareg as a period post card illustrates a similar hilt in the hands of a Algeria.


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