From the collection of: Stephen —


19th century - Hausa or Nupe.


An elegant wide bladed takouba, in typical brass mounts. The blade is short and of the usual flat profile. However it features a decorative engraving on the blade which is not common. The motif echoes the decorative patterns found on Hausa brass guards.

The pommel and guard themselves are of the usual construction, although the pommel is somewhat flatter and may point to a regional distinction from the more globular pommels seen on Hausa pieces.

A very nice sword in excellent condition.


O.A. - 32 1/2 in.
Blade - 26 3/4in.
Cross Guard - 4 1/2in X 1 1/2in
Grip - 2 3/4in
Pommel - 2 3/4in X 1 3/4in
Scabbard Top 2 3/4in X 3 1/4in
Scabbard Bottom - 1 1/2in X 6 1/4in