From the collection of: Kirk Johnson


20th century - Tuareg.


{collector's comments}

I brought this piece in 1995 from a little Pan-African shop in Brooklyn. The leather scabbard has suffered some wear and tear; yet still retains its fabric belt. Very similar to Takouba 6. Pitting on one side of blade. Both sides carry the Half-Moon engraving. The handling is a very cumbersome when held hammer-fisted. But, is only slightly better when the index finger wraps over the cross-guard.  The pommel cuts into the wrist and it handles a little blade heavy.

{editor’s comments}; The piece is likely circa 1940s-90s. Looks like a functional piece in the typical style of newer Tuareg work. The pommel in particular, as a solid piece with not stacks and no decoration leads me to believe it is a bit more recent.


Overall Length: 39in.
Blade Length: 33 1/4 in.
Blade Width: 1 3/4th in. (at cross-guard)
Weight: Not sure. (Maybe  2lbs. but not sure)