From the collection of: Chris Topping


19th century - likely Hausa.


The blade looks to be a native copy of mid 1800s European imports like the Peter Kull patterns. Single fuller, fairly deep, well made blade overall with excellent thickness, good sharpness and very stiff. Tip shows usual rounded shape associated with a long lived blade. No markings whatsoever on the blade.

The hilt is brass, also reasonably well made, although age and use has a taken a toll on the solder and the guard is a bit loose and looks to have suffered a few bangs in its life.  The decorative pattern on the reverse side of the guard - the flora (or is it stars?) pattern is unusual. Likely a Northern Hausa piece judging by the decorative patterns and overall hilt design.


Overall - 94cm or 39”
Blade - 79cm or 31”