From the collection of: Mauro Coltorti


19th century likely - ethnic attribution undetermined although Cameroon border region likely.


An interesting takouba from the Cameroon border region with Nigeria. The leather work on the hilt is distinctive of the region.

The blade is native made and the sharp tip is unusual. It has probably been reprofiled at some point in its life to the current form. However it appears any reshaping took place only on the very tip and to overall profile conforms with other wide bladed takouba. The flat blade is typical for wide blades as is the fairly short length.

The hilt exhibits a large iron oval pommel. Usually an indication of an older sword. There is a small nub on the top, which in this case is forged integral to the rest of the pommel, rather than more typically being a small plate, often of brass.

The scabbard with the piece seems to be original as the sword itself features a slight curve matching the lines of the scabbard. It is an interesting piece of work with an zoomorphiclizard depicted in raised relief.

Overall a piece of some age and quality.


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