From the collection of: Chris Topping


Age unknown but not believed to be pre 20th century - ethnicity also undetermined


Odd, likely ceremonial takouba, with interesting solid brass hilt. Difficult to judge ethnicity, an odd collection of decorative elements displaying motifs visible on Tuareg leather work, Hausa brass hilts and others.  Potentially a ceremonial piece from a non Islamic group around the Tuareg as the hilt seems to contain more Tuareg elements than anything else.

Blade is of poor quality, sharp but unlikely to have been intended for combat use. Crude marks echo the usual half moons while the fullers are roughly executed.

Hilt is solid, with decorative designs incised on both the brass and also on attached copper plates.


Total Length 918mm
Blade 700 x 51mm (base)
Hilt 117 mm (long)
Guard 118 x 25mm