From the collection of: Chris Topping


Likely first to second quarter of the 19th century - Believed Nupe but might be Hausa.


High quality fighting takouba with older hilt. Motifs on the scabbard and guard seem to point to a Nupe attribution.

Blade is thick and of the triple fullered variety with twin half moon marks. Marks are well stamped and clear while the fullers are deeply forged and reasonably straight. Usual rounded tip and signs of vigorous sharpening. The blade is probably European and could be 18th century.

Hilt is of iron construction with brass plates applied to the guard. Pommel is large and of the older oval form. Incised line decoration on the single band which traverses the dome. Handle was likely wrapped in leather at some point. Guard plates feature decorative motifs which are seen on other Nupe swords, including geometrical cutouts in the plates to expose the steel beneath.

A good example of an older fighting sword from one of the lesser known takouba using ethnic groups.


Blade: 854 x 45mm
Hilt:  132mm
Guard: 97 x 27mm