From the collection of: Chris Topping


First to second quarter of the 20th century likely - Tuareg.


Rough and ready 20th century Tuareg takouba.

Blade seems forged with hammer marks still readily visible, mounted in a small forte and pinned, a rough but usually effective method of mounting.

Hilt is the usual leather covered guard and grip with a reasonably high pommel of steel capped with a brass plate. Notable feature of the guard is the recurved shape, unknown if that is an indication of region or attribution, or merely chance. It occurs in other pieces as well.

While this is not the prettiest takouba, it shows the longevity of the form and how by the 20th century lower end swords were being made to accommodate the rise in those socially able to carry a sword inside Tuareg society.


Blade: 682 x 40mm
Hilt: 140mm
Guard: 124 x 34mm