From the collection of: Chris Topping


19th century - possibly Tuareg


(A combination of my own notes and the owner’s)

A nice older takouba with possibly a trade blade and a domed pommel.

Things of note not easily discerned from the pictures are that the peened pommel end has been pulled through the pommel at some point so the blade is loose (but does not come out).

The holes in the guard are old and would have previously been used to fasten decorative brass plates. Hexagonal grip is similar to Takouba 01 on this website and the hilt is very solid.

This is not a particularly unusual takouba but a very good example of a typical fighting weapon of the 19th century. It is interesting to see a takouba in “nude” form as many details are visible regarding the construction.


Blade length: 837mm
Blade width base: 42mm
Hilt length: 124mm
Guard: 92mm x 22mm