From the collection of: Christoph Lang


Likely early to mid 20th century - has been in owner’s family for over 60 years. Perhaps Mandara region.


A possibly Mandara takouba - the flat pommel and hilt are similar to Takouba 36 on this site.

The blade is native with crude imitations of the half moon marks. The pommel has a small spike and the grip is swelled. This is definitely a sub type of takouba which I strongly suspect is belongs to the Mandara region peoples and influence - however more study is needed.

A nice example of a non typical takouba showing many differences from Tuareg and Hausa swords.


Overall length: 81 cm (31,9 in)
Blade: Length: 67,5 cm (26,6 in)
Width at top: 4 cm (1,6 in)
(down to the half moons): 19cm (7,5 in)
Guard: 9,5 cm (3.7 in)
Grip: 8 cm (3.1 in)
Pommel (wide) : 6 cm (2,4 in)
Scabbard length: 62 cm ( 24,4 in)