From the collection of: Marcel Gouw


Likely late 19th century or early 20th century - perhaps Mandara region?


This is a very nice takouba of a style that as yet, I have not been able to come up with an accurate ethnic attribution for. It may be Mandara or it may be from another region entirely. Unfortunately a scabbard is not extant with this sword which could perhaps have given further clues.

The blade is of the typical triple fuller pattern with half moon stamps. The may have been applied after the manufacture of the blade as they overlap the fullers. The blade is almost certainly native made, but looks to be thick and of good quality.

The guard is an interesting mix, the leather work is distinctive and can be seen on this site on Takouba 36 and Takouba 40. The pommel is well formed and indicates good age as later swords seem to have much flatter pommels. This one is quite round and high with an attractive end spike. The guard is covered with brass plate - a feature I had not seen in conjunction with this grip style until now.

All in all a most attractive takouba and the best representation of this sub style I have seen to this date.


Length blade: 83.7 cm
width: 4.7 cm
Fullers: 18-35-18 cm