From the collection of: Iain Norman


20th century - likely Guduf, the blade perhaps older


This interesting takouba is a mixture of a traditional blade style seen among the Guduf of the Mandara Mountains region of Northern Cameroon, with a takouba like hilt added to it. An image in the gallery below illustrates a traditional Guduf hilt as well.

This hilt is wood including the pommel, a rarely seen material in takouba. Decorative plates appear to be bone as is a small knob on the pommel. The guard is iron underneath and the entire ensemble is well constructed and sturdy.

The blade is of the typical Guduf style, flat on one side, with a central rib on the other and several long fullers. The leaf shape of the blade is not very pronounced on this example and at the base there are decorative motifs I have not seen on other Guduf swords. The blade is quite possibly older than the mounts.

This is probably not a particularly old sword overall but an interesting example of the influence of the takouba hilt form in other regions. It was likely made as a status symbol and would be worn as part of traditional costume.


Total Length: 86cm