From the collection of: Darren ____


19th century probable - likely Hausa


A very nice brass hilted takouba with a native blade. The blade exhibits a single fuller and a narrow profile that is more pointed than usually seen. No markings are visible and it does not appear to be a direct imitation of a European trade blade, although the use of a fuller indicates it was at least somewhat influenced by imported blades.

The brass hilt features commonly seen motifs, probably pointing to a Hausa origin, or at least a geographic placement in those general regions. The leatherwork of the scabbard would seem to support this as well. The shape of the scabbard chape is somewhat unusual, but as of yet I have not been able to derive a more precise identification based on this feature.

Overall this is a very nice sword and may well be an example of village craftsmanship, outside of the usual city workshops for blade mounting and manufacture.


Overall: 96cm
Width of blade at base: 5cm