From the collection of: Iain Norman


Likely 19th century and Hausa


This sword is an interesting mix of materials with an old bronze pommel and a possibly newer guard plate of iron. The blade is of native manufacture (somewhat softer steel than European blades) of the typical triple fuller variety marked with half moon stamps.

The pommel exibits some damage but interestingly allows one to look inside the hilt. Although difficult the photograph the tang extending up inside the pommel is wrapped in thick cloth.

The scabbard with its long chap marks this sword out as likely of Hausa origins. THe scabbard fittins are of the same material as the guard plate.

This sword exhibits excellent balance and handling - a real old fighting weapon and the marks of long sharpening on the blade bear this out. Overall a good example of the 19th century fighting sword of Hausaland.


Overall: 92.5cm