From the collection of: Iain Norman


Unknown ethnic group, Mundange, Vere and Daba have similar forms. Broadly speaking this could be Wandala associated. Likely 19th century.


A highly unusual and rare sword from the north of Cameroon, it has a simple cruciform shape, a leather covered guard, solid iron pommel and heavy duty fighting blade. Overlap with takouba and kaskara in terms of basic visual form can easily be seen.

The blade, made from local iron ore of very good quality (magnetite) is exception in the execution of it's multiple fullers and medial ridge. The bevelled edges are skilfully forged with lamination visible towards the tip. The blade has some flex bit is fairly stiff. Two holes are drilled through the blade which likely held brass inserts for talismanic purposes.

The hilt is simple and utilitarian with a heavy cylindrical pommel giving very good balance. The guard is heavy iron and covered with leather.

Overall this a rare sword, make even more so by the blade form. It exhibits a skill and attention to detail rarely seen and represents an important design from the little studies arsenals of these areas.


Overall: 84.6cm

Blade length: 71cm

Blade width at base: 3.5cm