From the collection of: Iain Norman


late 19th century possible, more probably early 20th. Likely Nupe or Hausa.


This is a wide bladed takouba of somewhat typical form. However the hilt has some interesting features. The blade is of the usual style for wide blades. Flat, without marks or fullers and an odd pitted texture. It has been heavily sharpened and is reasonably flexible.

The hilt seems to have some tin content and perhaps was plated at one point. The presentation side of the guard has a very nice repousse floral pattern. The grip tube also is decorated with repousse dots. The pommel is domed with the usual medial ridge but not particularly large. The usual brazing/solder is used to secure the parts.

This is an good example of a wide blade that does not have a brass hilt, showing how other metals were also used for these large swords.


Total Length: 82.5 cm

Blade width at base: 6.5 cm