From the collection of: Arnaud De Jaureguiberry


19th century mounts and blade - likely Tuareg or Hausa


This takouba has a common blade but several interesting features regarding the hilt. The blade is a typical triple fuller configuration without blade marks. Quite probably of local manufacture. 

The hilt is of the older style, with no decorative plates, as there are no holes on the guard, it is likely it was originally leather covered. The grip features a wire wrap, this is a feature occasionally seen on takouba, but is certainly not common. The wire in this case was probably added later in the life of the sword and is perhaps even modern.

Overall this is a solid example of a fighting sword with an unusual grip. An ethnic attribution is very difficult given the overall condition but likely Tuareg or Hausa.


weight 750g

length 98cm

width at ricasso 4,8 cm

thickness at ricasso  3,8 mm