From the collection of: Jean-Paul Cazes


Tuareg likely, 20th century.


A Tuareg takouba with a native blade and a somewhat unusual pommel. The blade is of the extremely typical triple fuller style with crude half moon marks made with a chisel. The blade, while not massively old, has seen much use with signs of heavy sharpening.The fullers appear ground rather than forged.

The hilt is of the stacked pommel variety with leather clad grip and guard. Interestingly the stacks on the pommel are round, rather than the usual rectangles, one of copper the other brass as is typical.

Overall this is a good representation of a sword made after the traditions of the blade smith and armourer had begun to degrade in the Sahel although carrying and wearing a sword remained in vogue.


Total length : 88,6 cm
Blade : 76,5 cm x max. 4,8 cm x 0,36 cm
Weight (sword only) : 726 g.