From the collection of: Iain Norman 


Perhaps late 19th century  - probably Hausa, perhaps Tuareg


A sturdy takouba with odd markings and a good quality blade. This sword is not particularly fancy or old, but is a nice example of a sturdy fighting weapon. The pommel is large and the weapon well balanced. The blade is stiff, very sharp and obviously well cared for. 

One one side it is marked with a snake and on the other an odd geometrical design. Both marks are very lightly engraved and each mark has had a yellowish varnish or paste applied over top with the effect of highlighting and outlining the designs. This is perhaps an application of a western collector.

The blade is of indeterminate origin. The quality of the steel seems to indicate a possible European attribution but it does not have any characteristics or marks to make that definitive.

The scabbard has a somewhat crudely decorated throat while the chap seems to have been lost at some point and a leather element substituted.


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